Front Island Update

The Board recently discussed getting the trees trimmed at the front island with an arborist and found out that they were diseased.  We were told that there were 2 separate infestations.
There was a “possibility” that we could treat them but not until the leaves came back out in the spring.  The city would not allow trimming.

If we waited until Spring to treat and it didn’t work, the front island would be a mess for almost an entire year.

The Board needed to have the sign pressure washed because the droppings turned it almost black. The droppings killed the flowers and a few bushes.  We struggled with the decision to remove these trees but our choice was to treat or remove.  This way we decided we could clean up, decorate for the holidays, add some bushes at the front, put landscape plastic where plants were to kill excessive weeds and cover with pine straw until spring when we can plant new flowers.  Next fall we will replace the trees.  We will consult with a nursery, but we want something like the crepe myrtles that will flower a good part of the year.  I hope this explains what happened any how decisions were made. 

Good news from the Board

Shortly after the Board was informed by our attorney that we would need to do major upgrades to the park (meet ADA standards) if we continued volunteer memberships, the attorney noted that there is a way for a non-member within Sardis Forest to become a mandatory member.  This sounded like an easy fix but there were MANY details to work out, and it took longer than we expected.  We now have a handle on what is required of the Board and the membership as well as the potential new members and the attorney will be discussing this at the annual meeting.  The process:
  • Obtain 75% of the signatures of the membership to amend the Declaration to authorize additional homes to be added as mandatory members.  
  • Once signatures are completed, the amendment gets recorded.  Then attorney would develop a template for a “Consent”, to be signed by an owner who wants to become a permanent, mandatory member.   There will be a reasonable fee for this. 
  • The Consent gets recorded for any non-mandatory member who wants to become a mandatory member.   Once these items are completed, the property is legally part of the Mandatory HOA and would pay full annual dues (currently $129 per year).  
  • The window to sign Consents will be limited to a certain period each year.  If a non-mandatory member does not sign a Consent during the window, the non-mandatory member must wait until a new window is available, possibly the following year.

The Board understands that this is an important topic, and the Board intends to gauge interest in holding a membership vote to ask members to amend the Declaration.  We apologize for the length of time it took to be able to offer this as a possibility, but the details were very important and could either make or break it.  We want you to know that the Board is very interested in finding a resolution that is fair to both the mandatory members, whose dues are used to maintain and improve the front island and park, but also allows non-members a means to become mandatory, permanent members, with a way to have access to the park and voting rights.  This way, those that use the park are contributing to the costs to maintain and improve it.  We plan to have the attorney at the annual meeting to explain what happened with the voluntary memberships and to answer any questions about this resolution.

The Board sincerely hopes this shows our dedication to our membership as well as a resolution to an age-old problem caused by a major oversight on the developer’s behalf when setting up this neighborhood in this manner.

A message from Irene Suchoza, Current Board President:

Just before the Annual Meeting notices went out, I sent a letter to a few previous Board members that I heard would not be coming to the meeting for one reason or another.  I did not reference who I was and did not sign it nor did I suggest it was from the Board.  This package included the ballot of 16 candidates.  I noted that with 16 candidates on the ballot, it might be confusing to know who to vote for but a few people stood out for the following reasons:

1.    Financial experience
2.    Management Company experience
3.    Website Design experience

These were just recommendations, and they should not be confused for any official HOA communications. I do not know the other candidates that I recommended, just what was written in the application for a Board position (other than myself an Rob who are current Board members) .  I do not know where the other three stand on Member / non-member issues.   All of the information that was sent in this mailing also went out to all the membership in the Annual Meeting notice other than the 5 people that stood out to me.  The letter itself did not reference that it was coming from the Board but because the mailings were being completed the same time as the Annual Meeting Notices, I accidentally put the return address label from the HOA on the envelopes.  This was unintentional and I just want to be sure the membership understands that it was my opinion and not the opinion of the HOA.  

Annual Meeting Notice

The Annual Meeting will be on Nov. 3, 2021 at 7:00 and will be Members Only this year.

The location will be at the Scout Hut across from Sardis Presbyterian Church and will begin at 7:00. For safety reasons our buffet dinner will not be served but we will have individually wrapped desserts and beverages.  We will require masks and social distancing will be enforced.  Of course, we will have door prizes.  There are 5 open Board positions this year so if you are a Mandatory Member we urgently request your attendance to understand how important it is to carefully select and vote. If you cannot attend, please reference your annual meeting notice,  read carefully and mail your ballot back to us. In any case, please vote! 

New Park Gate Lock

The original chain and key lock have been reinstalled at the park gate due to the fact that the gate code has been shared again on Next Door. If you have your old keys they will still work.  If you need a new key please send a message to the Board and you will be given one.  You will need to list your address on the Contact the Board form and your key will be delivered.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The SFHOA Board