Gary Jennings

Gary Jennings has lived in the neighborhood since it was built.  He is a mandatory member of the HOA and has served on the Board more than one time since 1979.  He currently serves on the Architectural Control Committee (a committee of 3).  Gary is extremely productive at what he does for the Board and puts a lot of time into it, getting great results.  It is a position that we have serious difficulty filling.

When the comments were being made about Gary on the website and social media, he had been addressing, not harassing, people that were parked in front of the gate or on the street in front of a no parking sign. Since the more recent comments sent to the website (as well as social media) Gary has agreed not to address anyone at the park anymore.  I will be the only person doing that.

The Board discussed and agreed on our approach as to what I should say when approaching people and rest assured, as always, it will be kind and fair.  Again, people are only approached if parked in front of gate or in front of no parking signs.  It’s obvious why we shouldn’t park in front of the gate but let me explain that the “No Parking” signs are there for 2 reasons.

1.  A small child was coming out of the park and was crossing the street from behind a parked car and an oncoming car didn’t see her (luckily did not hit her) but we realized it was a hazard.

2.  A large group of teens were coming to park with cars lining the street to party on Fri. and Sat. nights drinking, using foul language and blasting their music.

One of the things that was brought up was that Gary was introducing himself as a Board member but his name was not listed as a Board member on the website.  We understand the concern that might cause and will discuss and correct this at our next Board meeting this month.

Gary has indicated that he will refrain from any discussions with people in or in front of the park.  We hope this answers your questions and gives all concerned a better level of comfort.

Irene Suchoza

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