About Sardis Forest HOA

Sardis Forest is a neighborhood that straddles the border of Charlotte and Matthews, NC. It was originally established in 1976 by the Willliam Trotter Company. Consisting of 171 mandatory members and numerous voluntary members, the Homeowners' Association and its board work to make Sardis Forest a better place to live for all of its residents. To accomplish this, the HOA board strives to reasonably interpret yet firmly enforce the Convenants and Restrictions. 

Current Board Members

President: Irene Suchoza
Vice President: Sheila Proctor
Treasurer: Rob Cassell
Secretary: Anthony Proctor
Grounds: Mark Pearson
Architectural Control: By Committee
Social: Kevin Manning
At-Large: Michael Cook

Sardis Forest Map

Here is a diagram of all the homes in Sardis Forest.

Download "Sardis Forest.pdf"